The Millennium Tower

Erected on the Croix-Scaille plateau, the Millennium Tower, a spectacular hourglass-shaped 60-metre-high belvedere, marks the highest point in the province of Namur and the fifth highest in Belgium (503 m).Inspired by history (four towers have existed on this summit at various times), this achievement allows you to discover, free of charge, a fabulous landscape over […]

Informations Touristiques-EN

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Bouillon in the Ardennes. Tél.: +32 (0) 61 46 52 11 Semois and Houille Forest Massif Bertrix’s Tourist Office. Tél.: +32 (0) 61 41 43 92 Daverdisse’s Tourist Office. Tél.: +32 (0) 84 36 76 30 Royal Syndicat d’initiative d’Herbeumont. Tél.: +32 (0)61 412 412 Vresse-sur-Semois Tourist Office. Tél.: […]


News Covid-19 Good morning, everyone, At the time of writing, we do not know, as you do, how long the strict confinement that we are all currently experiencing throughout the country will last. For the news has been like a bomb: the pandemic at Covid-19 has arrived in our midst! The Past This brand new […]

The Orval Abbey

The Orval Abbey History The visit of the ruins of the old Cistercian Abbey offers you to discover a site full of authenticity at the bottom of a valley where the Mathilde fountain springs. A projection introduces you to the history of the monastery and the life of the monastic community today (20 minutes). An […]

The Tomb of the Giant

The Tomb of the Giant The Tomb of the Giant The “Tomb of the Giant” is classified as “exceptional heritage of Wallonia” and “natural heritage of landscape interest”.  It is undoubtedly one of the best known in Belgium with this superb loop of a wild Semois. When Geology joins History. The Semois, by digging its […]

The Castle of Bouillon

The Castle of Bouillon The Castle of Bouillon Built on three rocky peaks overlooking the Semois, the Bouillon fortified castle, with its maze of corridors and huge vaulted rooms, is considered the oldest and most interesting vestige of feudalism in Belgium. The Origins The origins of the first fortifications date back to the 8th century.It […]